The best of dehydrated foods

Natural dehydration process for high quality dried foods

ANHYDRA is a company specialised in the dehydration of organic and conventional fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our dehydrating technique is simple. We delicately remove water from fresh produce using a hot air circulation process that conserves their nutritional value as well as their original flavours and colours.

Everything is pure and natural! Neither salt, sugar, oil nor any other ingredients are added. No food additives, sulphites or preservatives are used. ANHYDRA offers the best of dried foods available.

Always one step ahead of evolving markets, we are constantly on the look-out for up and coming trends in the agro-food industry. Take the jackfruit for instance. With its ever growing popularity, we have added it to our range of dried fruits. Absolutely delicious, the jackfruit deserves to be discovered!

Dried Fruits

Our dried fruits are rich tasting, colourful and nutritious. We dehydrate a great variety of fruits such as blueberries, lemons, oranges, strawberries and so many others! These dehydrated fruits can be provided in different cuts to suit your specific needs.

Dried vegetables

Our dried vegetables are produced with very high quality standards. From carrots to green peas, to corn, onions or any other vegetable, we ensure that our dehydration process complies with our rigorous standards of quality.

Quality foods are ANHYDRA’s core business

Since taking its first steps, ANHYDRA has chosen to put the quality of dried foods at the core of its business. Our quality assurance department has established specific standards which are constantly prioritised during its validation procedures. We only offer the products that perfectly meet this department’s high quality approval.

We particularly pride ourselves in the many certifications we have obtained as a business and the production measures that we have put into implemented. Such measures include batch traceability, critical control points and food safety monitoring, stability tracking as well as requests for external laboratory analyses of our production. We greatly value our verification process from the raw materials to the finished product.

Canada Organic Certification
Organic Guarantee Certification
Eco Certification

Co-packing and custom processing

Personalized services for your business


Have you developed a product and now require co-packaging services for the dehydration process? We have the facilities and the certifications needed to dehydrate your foods. We will do so according to your recipe.

Custom Processing

Our customized dehydration services will allow you to get the dried fruit, vegetable or herb you need. We will meet your specifics requirements while maintaining our company’s commitment to its high standards of quality.

Dried fruits for breweries

Beers - Breweries Clients

Are you looking for high quality dehydrated fruits to create flavourful beers that stand out from the rest? In our facilities you will find exactly that, the most rich and powerful tasting dried citruses and fruits the market has to offer. We have met many brewers‘ needs and have provided them with such quality products, that they require 3 times less of our dried citruses to produce the same, and even better, beers.