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Founded in 2012 by Marie-Eve Gaudet and Martin Gibeault, ANHYDRA specializes in the dehydration of organic and conventional fruits. From day one, we have put the quality of our dried foods at the core of our activities.

With this purpose in mind, we have chosen a natural dehydration process to preserve the original properties of the produce. The foods are first washed, inspected and cut. They are then spread on trays, which are inserted into the dehydrator where the constant flow of hot air slowly dehydrates the foods. Using this drying technique allows us to maintain the nutrients, flavours and colours of the produce.

ANHYDRA prides itself in the production of dried foods that are delicious and great for your health. This is the reason we do not add preservatives or seasonings to our dehydrated products. Our certifications and quality standards attest to our passion and our approach to high-quality foods.

Our clients are often surprised by the quality and delicious taste of our dehydrated foods.

ANHYDRA’s mission

We strive to be a source of inspiration and innovation for developers and creators in the food industry by providing them with high-quality dehydrated foods rarely found on the market.

ANHYDRA’s vision

To be recognised as a leader in the industry of quality food dehydration.

ANHYDRA’s values

Five fundamental values drive us.

  • Innovation: To constantly look for new ideas
  • Excellence: To continuously perfect our methods
  • Collaboration: To offer the best solutions to our customers
  • Solidarity: To genuinely care for one another
  • Determination: To show perseverance and commitment

Our team

As young and dynamic entrepreneurs, Martin and Marie-Eve meet the challenge of providing you with exceptional dehydrated foods. By closely following the evolving agro-food market and its trends, these avant-gardists are leaders when it comes to offering you the best dried fruits.

Martin Gibeault - ANHYDRA

Martin Gibeault
Business development

Martin is passionate about entrepreneurship! His head is full of ideas and projects, especially when he meets up with other entrepreneurs. He continuously thinks about his clients, how his personalized services would best benefit their needs as well as how his dried foods could bring an added value to their products.

Marie-Eve Gaudet - ANHYDRA

Marie-Eve Gaudet
Quality and R&D Director

Marie-Eve possesses a substantial amount of experience working in the field of quality control. She is the best when it comes to ensuring that everything is perfect. From source materials to finished products, she pays attention to every detail, as small as they may be, to ensure that clients obtain a quality product that measures up to their expectations.

We are well surrounded

We are not alone in this wonderful adventure. Our team is made up of hardworking women and men who consider the quality and value of their work to be of significant importance. We are thankful to have them among us. We strive to create a friendly work atmosphere where peer support and communication are central to our activities. All of our employees are trained in food safety and hygiene.

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