ANHYDRA celebrates its 10th anniversary

We thank you 10 years is something to celebrate! 10 years ago, ANHYDRA took its first steps. A decade later, we are 2 entrepreneurs still as passionate as ever about fruit dehydration! The road hasn’t always been easy, but it has allowed us to learn and surpass ourselves. Working as a team, surrounded by the … Read More

Farinex distributes our dehydrated fruits!

Something new at ANHYDRA Excellent news for creators of outstanding food products! Every creator of outstanding comestible products will tell you: the secret lies in the quality of the ingredients and, with these, you can make miracles! The production of high quality dehydrated fruits is, and always has been, one of ANHYDRA’s absolute priorities. As … Read More

Dehydrated fruit powders

A pure delight and 100 % natural Festive, concentrated and colourful, our dehydrated fruit powders are there to please! Like all of our dehydrated fruits, our fruit powders result from the totally natural dehydration of picked ripe fruits. Before being ground, the fruits are slowly dehydrated with a hot air circulation process that delicately removes … Read More

What to do with dehydrated fruit slices

From the kitchen to Christmas decorations Many uses of dehydrated fruit slices and their natural good scent! Have you ever thought of replacing your Christmas ornaments with beautiful dried orange slices? Or how about adding decorative lemon slices to your table centerpieces? Dehydrated fruit slices have many everyday life uses. From the kitchen to making … Read More

Dried fruits versus dehydrated fruits

Dried fruits versus ANHYDRA dehydrated fruits They’re a world apart! Why? Have you ever carefully read the list of ingredients found on a bag of dried bananas, dried cranberries or dried strawberries? In theory, there should only be one ingredient: the name of the fruit. Yet, the list of ingredients is much longer than you’d … Read More