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With rich tasting and great quality ingredients

ANHYDRA is proud to offer great quality dried fruits such as citruses like lemons and clementines, as well as limes and so many others, to breweries and craft-brewers alike.

For brewers, the bold taste and quality of our dried fruits provide substantial time and costs savings. When dehydrated citruses are chosen instead of the traditional dried citrus peels, a lesser amount of dehydrated lemons, oranges or grapefruits is needed to produce beers that are unique.

Exceptional ingredients

To produce exceptional beers requires exceptional ingredients. It starts with carefully selecting the water, malt, hop and yeast. To then create that fresh, intense and different flavour, dried fruit must be added. This is where ANHYDRA participates in your creation process. We will provide you with a palette of tastes and aromas derived from our selection of high quality dehydrated ingredients. These will be adapted to meet your needs.

Dried citrus peels are traditionally used by brewers. These peels have generally been processed and their essential oils and juices extracted. Contrary to such extraction processes, ANHYDRA dehydrates these citruses slowly, and naturally, to preserve the essence of the fruits. As a result, their flavour is true to that of the fresh fruit.

Our dehydration process

Our dehydration technique gently removes water from the fresh produce by circulating hot air around it. This natural process retains the food’s nutrients, the intensity of its flavours and the accuracy of its colours. No sugar, salt, oil or preservatives are added to compensate the taste or shelf-life of the products. Whether it’s citruses or fruits, aromatic herbs or vegetables that you want to include in your recipe, ANHYDRA will provide you with custom-dried ingredients that meet your requirements.

Our brewery customers use our dehydrated fruit to give their beers an exquisite taste

Brewerie Le BockAle
Brewerie Champ Libre
Brewerie Riverbend
Brewerie McAuslan
Brewerie Oshlag
Brewerie Vagabond

Beers brewed with our dehydrated fruits

Brewery distillery Champ Libre
Dehydrated lemon and dehydrated lime

Mini-surette - Brewery distillery Champ Libre

Microbrewery Le BockAle
Dehydrated lemon / Dehydrated orange

Beers - Microbrewery Le BockAle

Microbrewery Riverbend
Dehydrated clementine

Beers - Microbrewery Riverbend

Microbrewery Vagabond
Organic dehydrated clementine

Marrakech Express -  Microbrewery Vagabond

Brewery McAuslan
Dehydrated grapefruit

Beers - Microbrewery McAuslan

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