Subcontracting food dehydration

How about going further faster?

From creating products to dehydrating large volumes of fruits and vegetables, our co-packing service allows you to move faster than before!

By subcontracting to a service that dehydrates high volumes of fruits and vegetables, you can increase your productivity without the worries or concerns of production. ANHYDRA is there to take care of the production process in accordance with your specifications and needs. Food dehydration is our passion since 2012! We have developed a precious expertise that gives you a major advantage: the power to concentrate your time and efforts creating products, marketing and promoting them as well as working at all other cost-effective activities for your company.

Our facilities and equipment allow us to dehydrate large quantities of fruits and vegetables. ANHYDRA’s natural dehydration process guarantees you outstanding results and superior quality dehydrated foods.

Co-packaging to carry out your projects

To call upon co-packing services in the food dehydration industry clearly allows you to carry out your projects a lot faster than if you had to do it yourself. ANHYDRA will quickly provide you with the quantity of dehydrated fruits and dehydrated vegetables you need while ensuring that you get the specific type of cut you require.

Creating new products

You have an idea for a dehydrated product but don’t have the facilities or the equipment to create it? ANHYDRA’s team joins forces with you to achieve your goal! We can produce your new recipe or even participate in its development if the product it not quite there yet. When we have your raw materials, your bags and boxes in hand, we move to production mode!

Higher volume production

Our co-packing service is a fast and very effective way to dehydrate higher volumes of foods without having to commit to costly equipment. When choosing ANHYDRA for the dehydration of your fruits and vegetables, you give yourself more time for launching, commercializing and selling your products.

Déshydratation sur mesure de kiwis

Think strategy, think co-packing!

Producing dehydrated foods requires a lot of time as well as specialized equipment for co-packing, which are a considerable and necessary investment. With ANHYDRA, you avoid such concerns while simultaneously being able to increase your product offer and ability to respond to your clients’ demands. An advantageous service for a winning cost-effective strategy!

The advantages

  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease of production costs
  • Opportunity to test new ideas at a lesser cost
  • Substantial decrease in problems connected to production
  • Time gained for more important tasks
  • No need to invest in costly facilities

Our service

  • Product development
  • Trial samples and shipment
  • Help with packaging regulations
  • Scaling
  • Food cleaning, preparation and cutting
  • Coating preparation and procedure
  • Dehydration
  • Bagging, packaging, printing (lot number, expiration date)
  • Box packaging and palletization
  • Traceability, stability and lifespan (shelf life)

We offer:
Organic or conventional food dehydration
Temperature adjusted for the result wanted : 105 °F/41 °C (raw) à 257 °F/125 °C (entirely cooked)
Food cut according to your instructions (slice, cube, thickness, size and other)
Seasonings or marinades (if required)
Other particular characteristics, as needed

Need a specific dehydrated fruit or dehydrated vegetable?

Finding the dehydrated fruit or vegetable that matches every criteria searched for is usually near to impossible. With our custom dehydration service, our experts make your life a lot easier.

Get rid of production problems and concentrate your efforts on getting the best returns possible with ANHYDRA’s co-packing!