Contract Food Packaging


A complete and effective food packaging service customized for your needs.

Food packaging has no more secrets for us. Specialist in the food dehydration industry, ANHYDRA holds all of the assets required to provide you with an impeccable product. Our customized packing service allows us to offer you added flexibility with a minimum of 500 bags per subcontracting order.

Whether you’re looking for a packaging service for your dried foods or you would like to develop a new product that includes food dehydration and packaging, ANHYDRA will join its forces with you during all the stages of production.


ANHYDRA’s food packaging signature

With ANHYDRA, you get a great quality product and an outstanding food packaging service!


Our services

  • Product development
  • Trial samples and shipment
  • Support and counsel regarding packaging regulations
  • Scaling
  • Lot number and expiration date printing / Traceability
  • Box packaging (Bag-in-box packaging) / Palletization
  • Stability / Lifespan (Shelf life)


Our advantages

  • Fast and flexible service
  • Customized offer
  • Adaptable production capacity
  • Packaging for small and large quantities / Accessible minimum required
  • Weight and quantity precision
  • Quality control on location
  • Possibility for hand packaging
  • Turnkey service available including labelling, packaging and storing
  • Possibility for direct product shipping to clients and distributors

A food packaging example

You roast your coffee beans and want to sell them in 100 gram bags. With our equipment, your coffee beans will be quickly packaged.

Contract food packaging steps

  • First, we receive your coffee beans in bulk.
  • Then the beans are routed to a space reserved exclusively for packaging.
  • With our food packing machine, your coffee grains are packaged according to weight specifications which may range from 20 g to 6.5 kg.
  • The bags are hermetically sealed.
  • Lastly, a lot number and expiration date are printed on each bag.
  • Bag-in-box packaging is also available if requested.


Why subcontract the packaging of your dried foods?

To increase your productivity, of course!

First, subcontracting offers the enormous advantage of limiting your production costs. By using third-party services, you avoid having to invest in tremendous food facilities installations. Instead, you can test new ideas and market your products without committing to costly equipment. Result: you obtain a quality product and the ability to predict its general fabrication costs with greater precision.

Second, subcontracting your food packaging will provide more time for important tasks like launching and commercializing your products. And let’s not forget, collaborating with food packaging professionals like ANHYDRA will avoid many problems and loss of time that may ensue throughout this production process.

Food processing is our strength!

We package your dried foods with rigour and precision.