Dried Foods & Custom Processing

Need a specific dried food?

ANHYDRA is the food dehydration specialist and will dry the fruits, vegetables and herbs you need!

Finding the perfect dried food to develop a new product is often very challenging. Today’s market offers a limited range of dehydrated foods that do not always have the characteristics you’re looking for. On top of this, the only market options available have everyone using the same few dried foods.

ANHYDRA’s team expertise in food dehydration and custom processing gets you the dried foods you want. While ensuring that your specifications and requirements are met, our team always caters to your particular demands while applying the utmost high-quality standards that distinguish ANHYDRA from all others in the industry.

Dehydration designed for your needs

Offering you a custom dehydration service is offering you the possibility to develop your new product ideas. Even the craziest ones! ANHYDRA helps you to materialize your project by dehydrating the food you require so it’ll have every characteristic you’re looking for.

Our natural dehydration process delicately eliminates water and allows us to offer you superior quality dried foods. During this process we don’t add ingredients like oil, sugar, salt or sulfites, unless you need them in your product. This way, when the food is completely dry, its nutrients, flavours and colours remain intact.

Our know-how and specialized equipment are our pledge for a better than perfect custom dehydration process!

Custom processing dried kiwis

Custom dried kiwis

A most advantageous custom service

You’re developing a new product and want to include dehydrated zucchini cubes in it. Despite all of your efforts, you can’t find any that are cut or dried for your specific needs. The zucchinis are either sliced or contain additives like salt, sugar or other ingredients that render them unfit for use in your product. This is where ANHYDRA will help you! Your need is our starting point for the dehydration process: the food, the quantity, the shape and any other specifications you may have. With these in hand, we will then produce your dried food using the best practices available!

Our custom dehydration service

  • Organic or conventional food dehydration
  • Temperature set for result wanted: 105 °F/41 °C (raw) to 257 °F/125 °C (entirely cooked)
  • Food cut according to your instructions (slice, cube, powder, thickness, size and other)
  • Seasonings or marinades, when requested
  • Other particular characteristics, as needed

Who’s custom dehydration for?

Culinary creator, master brewer, chocolatier… Whether you work in the food industry or are passionate for new recipes, custom dehydration of fruits, vegetables and herbs is for you! Like the great chef who cooks only with the best ingredients, the quality of the dehydrated foods you use is just as important for your creations. It will make the difference between a good product and a remarkable one! Many breweries use ANHYDRA’s dehydrated fruit to give their creations a fabulously unique taste.

Whether it’s a dehydrated fruit, a dehydrated vegetable or a dehydrated herb, our team will produce the quality ingredient for you. We pride ourselves in working closely with every one of our clients to develop dehydrated foods that perfectly suit their needs.

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