The art of impressing your clients

How to use dehydrated fruits to create a cocktail decoration that will get noticed

For a lot of people, cocktail decoration means little paper parasol. It’s true that these were used for a very long time by barmen and barmaids to decorate the cocktails concocted for their clients. That decoration, ready in a flash! Even if those little umbrellas are still in use today, the art of decorating cocktail glasses now boasts a diversity of options. And this, for the greatest feast of our eyes and taste buds!

Edible cocktail garnishes

Edible cocktail garnishes made their mark in the mixology sector. It’s not rare to see decorations created with comestible flowers, fine herbs, fresh and dehydrated fruits. The beauty of the garnish definitely adds to the client’s experience. Having a great tasting drink served is super. But if it’s stunningly decorated, it’s a guaranteed WOW!

Creating elegant and tasty cocktail decorations

Whether preparing a cocktail is an enjoyable moment, your work, or a passion, creating a decoration is an art to develop, especially when it adds an original touch of beauty to the final result. Among all of the available edible garnish options, dehydrated fruits are there to impress in so many ways.

Charm of fruit wheels

Placed on the drink in your glass or arranged on its rim, dehydrated fruit wheels enhance the presentation of every cocktail. In addition to being quick and a cinch to use, they can be easily enjoyed when rehydrated. Citrus wheels release succulent flavours with an exotic je ne sais quoi that’ll tantalise your taste buds.

Cocktail decoration with dehydrated lime wheel
Cocktail decoration with red fruit powder

Burst of powdered fruits

A frosted glass usually sparks interest, so imagine a tasty and colourful frosting. This combination is fantastic! Adding fruit powders to sugar makes an original and delicious frosting possible. What could be better than having heads turn with delectable cocktails displaying creativity and panache?

Outstanding ice cubes

To create a fascinating effect, here’s a terrific option to try when making your next batch of ice cubes: add berries into the water before putting the tray in the freezer. Dehydrated, little fruits like blueberries, raspberries and cranberries become quite small. In an ice cube tray, these can be completely covered with water and will be perfectly encapsulated when the cub freezes. As the ice melts in the drink, the berries rehydrate and become most scrumptious to eat.

Cocktail decoration with frozen dehydrated fruit

Garnishing your cocktails with dehydrated fruits

Significant advantages for hoteliers and restaurateurs

Among all of the available edible garnish options, dehydrated fruits stand out with their remarkable advantages, among which are their ease and possible number of uses. For cocktail creators, dehydrated fruits make a remarkable difference.

Healthy decoration

As is the case at ANHYDRA, the fruits dehydrated with a natural dehydration process maintain a large part of their nutrients. The hot air circulation gently removes water from the fruits and allows them to preserve their flavours and their colours.

When a dehydrated fruit comes into contact with a liquid, it rehydrates and releases its sweet flavours. Plumped again with liquid, it can be eaten and is just as tasty as the fresh fruit.

Considerable time saved

Ready to use, dehydrated fruits are valuable for saving time. To decorate a cocktail, simply open the bag, take the amount of fruit needed and close the bag. No need to wash or cut them. No need for perishable stock management. The dehydrated fruit will still be very good the next day and for many days afterwards.

Their ease of use also offers the considerable advantage of freeing up time for more important and real added value tasks. For example, the restaurant owner who purchases already dehydrated fruits will not require his ovens to do the job: fruit dehydration is a many hour process, which requires constant surveillance to avoid burning the produce. If our restaurateur hadn’t purchased the dehydrated fruits, he would have to assign a team member to this duty instead of having this employee carry out a more essential, productive and profitable task, which would benefit the clientele even more.

Exceptional lifespan

Stored in a cool and dry space, a dehydrated fruit will generally have a 3 year lifespan. Buying them or preserving them in an airtight bag is the best option because it keeps it safe from humidity and light. The humidity barrier created with a zip seal, such as a Ziploc bag, is most practical in the kitchen as it effectively prevents contact of the fruit with damper air.

With an average 3 year shelf life, dehydrated fruits are an excellent option for decoration your cocktails with style while avoiding food wastage. Finished are the hassles of managing products that have to be used within a very short timeframe!

Cocktail decoration with dehydrated fruits

ANHYDRA cocktail garnishes

Our clients in the mixology sector adore our dehydrated fruits. Without any added sugar or preservatives, they are the perfect combination for trendy decoration and exquisite flavours. Easy, quick and original, their use offers a multitude of possibilities that you’ll have a blast discovering!