Dehydrated vegetables


Dried vegetables rich in flavour


Our naturally dried vegetables are a choice ingredient for all prepared foods. Whether you are trying to find dried vegetables for the products you’ve designed for the food transformation industry or created as a new specialty, our carefully dehydrated vegetables will meet and even surpass your needs.

Our dehydration technique slowly dries vegetables by circulating hot air around the produce. This process gently removes water from fresh vegetables while retaining their nutrients, flavours and colours. No sugar, salt, oil or preservatives are added. Our dehydrated vegetables are 100% natural, tasty and excellent for your health!

Our dehydrated vegetables

ANHYDRA dehydrates vegetables, organic or conventional, according to your specific needs and requirements. We can produce them in different formats which include cut, size and thickness. When the vegetables are dried, they can be preserved for a few years when stored in a cool and dry place.

We aim to respond efficiently to your requests and to do so, we do not keep dehydrated vegetables in storage. Instead, we dehydrate on an as-needed basis to provide you with the most fresh and tasty product.

We dehydrate: carrots, onions, corn, peppers, celery, parsnips, leeks, tomatoes and zucchinis.


Having implemented superior standards of quality and having obtained organic certification, we guarantee the excellence of our dried vegetables.

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