Aromatics for gins and spirits

Flavour your gins and spirits with our naturally dehydrated fruits!

Aromatics for gin or spirits are chosen with great care. More an aromatic is of high quality, better will be your product. For the production of alcohols like gin, vodka or other spirits, extracting the flavours from an aromatic is important. Sometimes, it is also the case with its colour. The quality and yield of the final product is the result of a rich and rapid extraction.

ANHYDRA’s dehydrated fruits are perfect for flavouring your gin or other spirits. Dehydrated through a slow and complete dehydration process, our fruits retain all of their flavours, colours and most of their nutrients. Simply said, it’s the fruit without its water!

During the dehydration process, no ingredient is added. This means that no sugar, oil or preservatives will find their way into our dried fruits. They are 100% natural. By gently removing water from the fruit, we obtain an intensely fruity and flavoursome dried fruit. This makes extracting the flavours and colour a notably faster and efficient process when comparing it to an extraction using standard dried fruits.

Dehydrated cranberries
Dehydrated limes

Our berries and citruses

As aromatics for gin and spirits, our berries and citruses are uncomparable! Our dehydrated wild blueberries and dehydrated cranberries are especially appreciated. Their extracted flavours will give your gin a wonderfully perfumed aroma.

With their superior quality, our dehydrated citruses constitute an excellent aromatic choice. Dehydrated at a low temperature, and not cooked, our citruses maintain their essential oils and their invigorating taste. Using them as an aromatic allows you to obtain a sharper taste with an intensity that you can control in your gin and spirits.

Dehydrated wild blueberries
Dehydrated lemons

Easy to use aromatics for gin

Whether it’s our dehydrated blueberries, cranberries or citruses, they are easy to use as aromatics for your gin or spirits. Their flavours will be quickly and very easily extracted. Why? Because intense flavours are always a key component of our dehydrated foods.

Extracting the colour of our butterfly pea flowers is also an easy process for making certain spirits. When steeped, the intense, elegant and, may we add, spectacular colour of these flowers will stand out from the rest!

Often used for the production of aromatic gins, our dehydrated fruits may also be used for the making of other alcohols and beverages. It’s the case with the breweries sector where we work in tandem with many master brewers.

Gins flavoured with our dehydrated fruits

Gin Panacée
Distillerie La Manufacture
Dehydrated wild blueberries

Gin aux bleuets sauvages - Panacée

Wild Blueberries Gin
Artist in Residence
Dehydrated wild blueberries

Gin aux bleuets sauvages - Artist in Residence

Gin Hibiscus
Dehydrated grapefruit

Gin à l'hibiscus - Oshlag

Our advantages


We use a 100% natural conventional dehydration process. Our dehydrated fruits contain no added ingredients. Only the great taste of the fruit.


The slow and complete dehydration of the fruit maintains its intense flavours and colour as well as the majority of its nutrients. They are perfectly tasty and delicious!


Our dehydrated fruits are authentic! They contain no added sugar, oil, sulfites or other preservatives. You get a dehydrated fruit in its purest form.

Give your creations an exquisite flavour when using our dehydrated fruits!