Dried butterfly pea flowers

Dried butterfly pea flowers

Naturally dehydrated with an air circulation process, our dried butterfly pea flowers preserve all of the qualities that make them so impressive. Did you know that when you add dehydrated butterfly pea flowers to a drink, it will change colour? The dried butterfly pea flower lets you create drinks of exotic blue or purple hues that will astonish you. Depending on the pH levels, the colours will vary.

With an average 6 pH, your drink will have a turquoise blue hue reminding us of the Caribbean Sea. If you add lemon, the pH drops to 2.5 and your drink turns purple in colour. With the dehydrated butterfly pea flower, your drink creations will be one of a kind!

Butterfly pea flowers effect


With its unique characteristics, the dried butterfly pea flower offers many food and beverage possibilities. Often used for the beautiful colouration of drinks, this edible flower can be easily incorporated into your creations.

Herbal teas
Mixed spice blends

Dried butterfly pea flowers

Ingredients : Butterfly pea flowers
Moisture : ≤ 5%
Water activity : ≤ 0,400
Shelf life / Storage conditions : Two (2) years when product is properly stored in a cool and dry place
Packaging : 5 kg (11.02 lbs) - 500 g (1.10 lbs)

Additional information

Butterfly pea flower powder will be available soon.

1 cup = 18 g

Discover the magic of the dehydrated butterfly pea flower and bring your creations to a colourful level!