Dried edible flowers

High quality dried edible flowers

Anhydra’s dried edible flowers are dehydrated with the greatest care to preserve their original flavours, benefits and lovely colours. Our selection of dehydrated edible flowers is superior and diversified. This way we can offer you high quality flowers that can be easily added to the products you create.

These past few years, edible flowers have gained in popularity. From their simple decorative function to their medicinal virtues, many flowers are edible and surprise us with their various properties and uses. The entire food sector can adopt them from mixology to the creation of deserts, the possibilities are infinite.

Our dehydrated edible flowers

Dried butterfly pea flowers

The dried butterfly pea flower possesses astonishing characteristics. Prized by the world’s greatest chefs, it adds a spectacular touch of colour to drinks of all kinds. With the dried butterfly pea flower, the colour of your liquid will change from an exotic turquoise blue to purple, sometimes with tints of pink depending solely on the pH level. There is a wide variety of uses for this flower: tea, kombucha, cocktails. The dried butterfly pea flower is a most interesting asset for companies who want to develop new recipes.

More dried edible flowers to come

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