Dehydrated fruits for cocktails

Create the perfect decorations for all your beverages with our tasty, colourful and 100% natural dried fruits!

Our dehydrated fruits for cocktails give a unique touch to your favorite drinks. From sparkling water to the most elaborate cocktail, they are used as an ingredient, a garnish or even as a decorative element. Creating the perfect cocktail is an art.

With our dehydrated fruits, the only limit is your imagination!

Dehydrated using a completely natural process that delicately removes water from the fruit without cooking it, our dried fruits amaze because of their intense colours and flavours. They are a pure delight for both the eyes and taste buds! These fruits also come with the immense advantage of not adding extra ingredients to your beverages: they do not contain sugar, salt, oil, sulfites or any other preservatives. This way, they provide the true and delicious taste of a fresh fruit. Simply!

Dehydrated fruits for cocktails

Why choose our dehydrated fruits for your cocktails?

There are many great reasons to use our dried fruits to prepare your beverages. Here’s our TOP 5!


Great quality and constant freshness of fruits


Quick extraction of flavours and colours


No added sugar, salt, oil or preservatives


Ready for use and will keep for more than 2 years


Rare and impressive variety of dried fruits

Different cuts for different needs

We have developed many cocktail garnishes to inspire extraordinary cocktails. From our citrus wheels to the dehydrated whole fruit, we offer you a good variety of products that have the taste and result you are looking for.

Dehydrated citrus wheels

Whether it’s our dehydrated orange wheels, our dehydrated lemon wheels or our dehydrated lime wheels, our citruses are here to please! Every wheel is light, crispy and translucent. In a punch bowl or in a glass, they float to the surface while they infuse the liquid with their delicious flavours.

Dehydrated orange wheels

Dehydrated fruit powders

Our dehydrated fruit powders provide very concentrated flavours. Always without any added sugar or preservatives, they let you obtain a fresh and intense taste. It is the ideal cut to frost the rim of a cocktail glass or create a unique frosting by adding our fruit powders into your mix.

Dehydrated raspberry powder

Dehydrated whole fruits

Our dehydrated whole fruits are ideal for infusions and macerations. Because they rehydrate quickly on contact with liquids, extraction of their flavours and colours is optimal. This is how you’ll get the great taste and beautiful colours of the fruit in your preparation. To this, add the joy of eating the remnant fruits as the great finale.

Whole dehydrated wild blueberries

Our packaging sizes

Whether you need a big or small quantity, our dehydrated fruits will keep for a long time. Our 750 g and 1 kg packaging sizes are perfect for restaurant and bar owners, caterers and all others who want to add a beautiful finishing touch to their creations. Packed in a resealable bag with a humidity barrier, the fruits are always available when serving clients. What a great asset! Have the taste of fresh fruits on hand without having to prepare them or manage any waste.

Our 7 to 10 kg packaging sizes suit the needs of companies that work in larger scale food processing. From creating new products to packaging smaller sizes that accompany or decorate your products, you can offer a unique and attractive final product thanks to these options.

Examples of quantity

Dehydrated orange wheels
  • 750 g = 300 wheels
  • 7 kg = 2 800 wheels
Dehydrated lemon wheels
  • 750 g = 400 wheels
  • 7 kg = 3 733 wheels
Dehydrated lime wheels
  • 750 g = 560 wheels
  • 7 kg = 5 227 wheels

Approximate quantities

What our clients say


"To be quite honest, Odevi couldn’t exist without ANHYDRA’s collaboration and expertise. Leader in the production of dehydrated fruits, their products are central to our cocktail infusions. The shelf-life, quality and consistency of the fruits, and not to mention their variety, are all advantages that make ANHYDRA stand out from other contenders. Odevi is proud to have a supplier and partner company from here, headed by passionate people who listen to better serve their clients’ needs!"

Fabio Monti
Co-owner at Odevi, L’atelier and Ophelia

Monsieur Cocktail

"To work with ANHYDRA is to have the confidence of quality and an irreproachable consistency. Thank you, Martin and the whole team for your outstanding dedication!"

Patrice Plante
President and founder of Monsieur Cocktail

Taste ANHYDRA freshness

All of our fruits are naturally dehydrated to keep all of their flavours intact. Are you looking for a specific dried fruit? Call our custom processing service to get the one you want.

Would you like to try out our products or do you want some but in a lesser amount? Consult our online store! There you’ll also find all of our latest products.

To decorate your cocktails or to give them a divine flavour, demand the ANHYDRA quality!