Top rated, craft brewery beer has the wind in its sails!

The ʺSemaine des bières de micro du Québecʺ was held by the ʺAssociation des microbrasseries du Québecʺ from April 1 to 10, 2022. It highlighted the beautiful diversity of beers brewed in Quebec and the know-how of our master brewers.

As a dehydrated fruits provider for the making of many microbrewery beers, we are both proud and enthusiastic about Quebecer’s excitement for them. We highly commend all the artisans and master brewers who let us discover beers with exceptional flavours!

Choice ingredients

Our dehydrated fruits, particularly our citruses, shine in the production of craft brewery beers. Naturally dehydrated without any added ingredients, they give brewers from Quebec the opportunity to explore an intensity of flavours when creating their beers.

A little ANHYDRA in beers

We are always happy and impressed when we taste our clients’ creations. We are proud to present the microbrewery beers infused with our dehydrated fruits.

Beer brewed with our dehydrated limes

This refreshing pale beer stars our dehydrated limes!

Beer brewed with our dehydrated limes and lemons

This intense beer explores the invigorating flavours of lemon and lime.

Beer brewed with our dehydrated clementines

An alcohol-free fruity white beer brewed with our clementines.

Beer brewed with our dehydrated lemons

An IPA with lemony aromas to be fully enjoyed.

Beer brewed with our dehydrated clementines

A lightly fruity beer made with our clementines.

Blanche Lamontagne
Beer brewed with our dehydrated grapefruits

With this beer, our grapefruits are in the spotlight!

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Explore the intensity of ANHYDRA flavours

The natural dehydration process we use allows us to offer richly flavoured and coloured fruits to our clients. For us, there is a great difference between dried fruits and dehydrated fruits. With this difference in mind, our clients are inspired to create and to stand out with their creations.

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